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Dope Dyed

Dope Dyed
  • Dope dyed is an ideal solution to replace dyeing process in manufacturing process. This will affect directly on the cost of production. If you can switch to dope dyed from conventional process, cost saving is guaranteed. As a result of this you will be able to reduce lead time as you can reduce number of processes. Your capacity will automatically get increased. Ultimately this leads to have turnover.
  • Dope dyeing is also known as solution dyeing or spun dyeing, this is the process of adding pigments or insoluble dyes to the spinning solution before the solution is extruded through the spinneret. Only manufactured fibers can be solution dyed. This is very good application which require excellent colour-fastness properties. Because the color pigments become a part of the fiber, solution dyed materials have excellent colorfastness to light, washing, crocking (rubbing), perspiration and bleach.
  • We, Filotex offer wide range of colors in Nylon 6. Following chart shows available standard color. You have any clarification, please contact us.


  • Dope Dyed 01

  • Dope Dyed 02

  • Dope Dyed 03

  • Dope Dyed 04

  • Dope Dyed 05

  • Dope Dyed 06

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